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    Three Most Delicious Milk Shakes You Can Prepare At Home

    Mango Milkshake

    Milk shakes are favorite drinks for people of all ages. There are many who do not like to drink milk directly irrespective of its health benefits. For them, a milk shake is an indirect way to consume milk willing thanks to the added ingredients and delicious taste. Along with milk, you can add various types of healthy ingredients and these help to add a different taste, color, and flavor to the milkshakes which are much more fun to have any time. Check out the three most delicious milk shakes you can prepare at home with minimal effort.

    1. Mango Milkshake Preparation –

    Mango milkshake is undoubted the most delicious milkshake of them all, and the rich color and flavor make it irresistible irrespective of your full stomach.


    2 Alphonso mangoes, 2 cups of milk, 2 teaspoons of sugar, ice cubes, saffron, dry fruits like almond, cashew, and pistachios for garnishing.

    mango milkshake Ingredients


    Step 1. Peel the mangos after washing them. Chop the pulps into small pieces.

    Step 2. Take a blender and add milk and mango pulps in that. Add sugar as per your preference.

    Step 3. Add saffron and ice cubes but not all. Blend everything until the mixture becomes smooth.

    Step 4. Pour the shake in glasses and add the chopped dry fruits and ice cubes.

    You can serve with saffron strands or mango slices.

    1. Banana Milkshake Preparation

    This is another extremely popular and super healthy milkshake that kids prefer the most. It helps in better digestion and gets rid of constipation chances.

    Banana milkshake


    2 cups Coconut milk, 3 bananas, sugar, vanilla powder, and cardamom powder.


    Step 1. Peel the bananas and chop them.

    Step 2. Take a blender and put chopped banana, vanilla, and coconut milk.

    Step 3. Add sugar and blend till everything becomes smooth.

    Step 4. Pour in glasses and sprinkle cardamom powder for better taste.

    You should serve the milkshake as soon as possible as the taste changes with time. Never store it in a freezer beforehand.

    1. Strawberry Milk Shake Preparation

    Strawberry milkshake is a personal favorite of women, but you can make them only during the season of strawberries. The taste and flavors are outstanding, and so is the color to appeal your eyes.

    Strawberry Milk Shake


    20 medium-sized strawberries, 2 cups of chilled milk, and sugar. There is no need for ice cubes if you are using chilled milk instead of normal temperature milk.


    Step 1. First, you have to rinse the strawberries and drain them off.

    Step 2. Remove the green part of the strawberries and then chop off the strawberries.

    Step 3. Take a blender and add the chopped strawberries and add the chilled milk.

    Step 4. Depending on the sweetness of the strawberries, you have to add sugar.

    Blend till everything is smooth and pour in glasses. You can add a scoop of ice cream on top before serving.

    Apart from these milkshakes, there are so many other variations possible starting from coffee to avocado milk shakes. Do try them out from time to time to provide variety to your taste buds and enjoy the health benefits of the ingredients.

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